5 Biggest mistakes SME’s make when hiring a team to develop their website

As a business owner, you want a site that performs. One that brings in quality traffic, drives qualified leads, and establishes your brand’s credibility. It is incredibly common for businesses to underestimate the process of developing and designing a website – which can lead to some costly mistakes.


Here are the five most common mistakes made when it comes to hiring a team to develop your new website, as well as some tips on how to tackle them.

1) Focusing on Flashy Design

It is a common misconception that in order for your website to be successful it needs to incorporate a flashy design. But this can actually have the opposite effect. Your design should not just be focused on attracting users, but also creating a positive UX for them. And the majority of flashy websites fail at this.


Creating an attractive website is important. But it’s also important to create a website that makes you money. By spending your time incorporating an overflow of animations and avoiding typical design norms you are doing nothing but confusing your audience. Users expect your website to follow a certain set of design conventions. So when designing your website you really have to be careful. If your visitors can’t find the navigation bar or the search function almost immediately because your website is overwhelming, you’ll lose them.


Not only can these flashy designs be overwhelming, but they also just don’t look good on mobile phones. And a large majority of visitors now visit websites from these wireless devices. If your website cannot be accessible on multiple device types you are already losing to your competitors.

2) Trying to Target Everyone

Instead of panicking about getting your website live as soon as possible, you must first take time to research your target audience. Then ultimately, design your website around your research. If you aren’t aware of who you are aiming to target and how you can accommodate them – your website is going to be a mess. It’s best to figure out your most frequent users and focus on creating the best possible experience for them. If you try to please the masses you’ll likely end up not pleasing anyone.


Both your content and your design should take your target demographic into account. This is especially important when taking into account what device types your target audience will be
Viewing your site on. For example, businesses geared toward younger demographics will likely want to design a website optimised specifically for mobile users. Finding a designer that frequently designs websites for your target market is a safe way to satisfy your potential customers.

3) Not Taking Navigation Seriously

Similar to point one, navigation issues will kill your website’s popularity fast. We live in an age where everything is delivered to us in an instant, and anything longer will lead to audiences abandoning your site.


Making your navigation menu hard to find is one common web design mistake. Invisible navigation menus force visitors to guess which elements on the page are menu items, where these items will take them, and whether that page will even answer their questions or solve their problem. It all becomes one big guessing game – and audiences no longer have the time for this. So, you guessed it, they will simply exit your site all together.


Additionally, animated navigation is anything that rolls, bounces, or moves while your visitors are trying to navigate your site or find an answer to their question. And these are one of the biggest conversion killers. Visitors spend way too much time trying to figure out how to use the navigation when they should be getting to know your business, and hopefully converting into a customer.

4) Not Committing to Site Maintenance

So, you have finally got your website live, it hosts a beautiful design and is directly targeting your ideal audience. It’s your pride and joy, but as your business picks up you begin to neglect it. Before you know it, you’ve had the same website for 5 years without performing any maintenance or updates on it. This means your website looks old, the design trends you followed all those years ago are now outdated and your site speed is appalling. An outdated website is a huge red flag for potential customers and ultimately it can cost you a lot of business.


Your website should constantly be being updated with the latest plugins and themes, as well as your own information. If you are a brick and mortar business, make sure your location information is always up to date with your current address. Also phone numbers, email addresses, and other contact information should always work and be clear on each page, or once again your lack of effort will be apparent and the conversions will begin to drop.

5) Not Hiring a Professional

Website DIY is something we see far too often, and spend a lot of our time fixing. Your website is often your customers’ first experience with your brand. If you, or whoever you hire, don’t have development experience, do you really think you can do it justice?


Don’t allow your customer to make assumptions about your business because of a poorly designed website. A brand new website is an investment, and not one that should be taken lightly. There are many benefits to hiring a professional web development company. Developing and designing a website requires a great deal of time and work that can be hard to manage when also trying to run your own business. There is a lot of planning and research that goes into the making of a website which is all essential for avoiding these common mistakes.

In Conclusion

Now is the time to fix those easily noticeable website mistakes and start optimising your online presence. The more time you spend on developing your website, the more likely you are to convert traffic.


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