Ash Hand Racing

Ash Hand originally approached us for help with his Brand Identity and Website Design. We worked with Ash and his team through the 2019 GT4 season, providing; Sponsorship Proposals, Website Updates, Social Media Content and Promo Films. The season ended on a real high with Ash and his race partner Tom Canning winning the GT4 Championship at Donington Park!

We're really looking forward to what's to come in 2020 and continuing our relationship with Ash and his team.

Brand Identity

We began initially by defining the Ash Hand Racing brand, designing logos, distinguishing his colour scheme and collating a brand guidelines document for ease of access to his brand.

Our initial goal was to ensure Ash’s brand was recognisable, stood out from the crowd but still remained identifiable as a Motorsport brand. We designed the final AHR logo, creating it in a variety of colours and styles before deciding on the Union Jack style logo as the general style.

Once the initial logo and branding had been designed, we moved on to creating mock-ups and branded designs for print media in the future. This included letterheads, brochures and mock-ups for proposals, PDFs and images for sponsors.

Website Design

Once Ash’s brand had been defined, we began working on his online presence. We built the Ash Hand Racing website with 3 major goals in mind:

  • Define Ash Hand Racing as a brand online
  • Showcase Ash’s Partners/Sponsors
  • Outline Ash’s victories across his racing seasons

The first steps were building his online presence, ensuring he had a bio, a page to showcase videos and images from events he attended and representing Ash as both an entrepreneur and a racing driver.

Once the building blocks for his site was in place, it was time to build a page designed specifically for his sponsors/partners. Ash raced with the Aston Martin Racing Academy for the 2019 GT4 Championship and, with our assistance, secured the title sponsors for the event. The partners are showcased on their own page on the site, giving a little information about each one. The page is editable, being able to change the sponsors as new ones come and old ones go.

It was also important for the website to celebrate Ash’s achievements. A separate page was created and updated to include all of his races for the 2019 GT4 Championship, celebrating all of his wins and podium finishes, with a write up on each race.

Sponsorship Proposals

One of the most important roles for Racing Drivers, outside of winning, comes in securing sponsors for the season.

We worked with Ash in securing sponsors for the season, getting him the backing needed to race in the Championship. We created bespoke sponsorship proposals tailored to each of the potential partners.

Happy with the results, and the victory behind him, we’re working with Ash again in the 2020 season. We’re now working with him to secure partners for this year’s racing.

We Are Go | Creative Digital Agency, Birmingham | Sponsorship Proposals

Film & Photography

One of our goals for the 2019 Season was to create a promotional film whilst Ash attended the Donnington Park races (in which he secured the 2019 GT4 Victory). 

The film is a great opportunity for Ash to approach future sponsors: showcasing the feel of the event, his sponsors, his victory and more. The end result is a great piece of promotional material that can be shared via Social Media, on his website and even in future sponsor proposals.

← We’re really happy with the final product, check out the film yourself.

Social Media

The final project we worked on with Ash was building his Social Media presence. This included creating and sharing some content, and advising him on what and when to post.

During the GT4 season we created some Social Media content and mock-ups for Ash’s social channels. This included branded imagery, videos and posts of his racing events and media events he attended with/hosted by his partners.

We also advised Ash on posting habits and content ideas throughout the off-season to appeal to potential new sponsors. These were posts designed to go alongside his own personal posts, ensuring his personality still showcased on his channels but still gave him the content to secure future sponsorship.

We’re continuing to work with Ash again in the 2020 season. We’re now working with him to secure partners for this year’s racing.

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