Crown Waste Mockup
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The Challenge

Crown Waste Management is a leader in providing clients an environmentally conscious and trusted solution for their waste requirements.


With an expansive offering and experienced team, they needed a website to help them expand their reach and increase their brand recognition and perception outside of the Warwickshire area.

Desktop and Mobile Mockup of Crown Waste Website

Our Game Plan

To kick off the project, we worked with the Crown team to understand their sector and target audience to identify how users would use the site and how/what information would need to be accessed – highlighting the importance of mobile optimisation. With the brand identity and key site design agreed, we tailored the site map to ensure the company’s environmentally-conscious ethos was reinforced throughout. 


Driving a clear customer journey, the website is split into two clear categories, separating the domestic, commercial and industrial aspects of the business. An optimised enquiry form was developed to increase UX and help speed up lead generation with certain services (i.e. Skip Hire) where possible, allowing the team to better identify the website’s impact on sales.


The site was built with the internal team’s capabilities in mind – keeping the management simple & concise. The site includes editable rows where the team can update offers where they see fit without external support. The new site map also includes a careers page designed to increase website traffic by directly advertising available roles and creating a platform to easily share via social media.

The Win On Investment

Since the launch of the new site, the team has experienced a self-described “huge” increase in online enquiries, demonstrating immediate value for their new online sales tool.


They’ve praised the ability to easily monitor website performance via their custom dashboard which is a great asset to executive team reports. The team has feedback on numerous positive reports from customers and partners, highlighting an improved brand image, supported further by a great increase in talented applicants applying for jobs.

Iphone Mockup of Crown Waste Website

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