iCare24 Group

iCare24 Group are a leading UK healthcare provider, supplying staffing solutions to both the NHS and the Private Healthcare industry. They required a responsive website that included a booking form designed to streamline the Healthcare recruitment process.

  • UK Healthcare Provider
  • Staffing solutions to NHS and Private Sector
  • Achieved multitude of accreditations and awards

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iCare24 Group provide staffing solutions to the NHS and Private Health sector. The recruitment process can be arduous for the healthcare industry, and iCare24 required a form that streamlined the initial application process.

We also built a new website alongside the form that created a platform for both potential employees and employers, bridging the gap between the recruiter and both parties. The website had to be responsive and interactive, as well as creating a concise customer journey to reduce bounce rate and improve consumer satisfaction.

iCare24 Group

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