3 Reasons Why Nobody is Reading Your Content

Do you find yourself crafting blog posts, creating videos, throwing yourself into social media and yet, radio silence? You are taking the time to create content but alas it’s not getting you very far. Just creating the content is unfortunately not enough to ensure your consumers are actually reading and engaging with it. And if nobody is reading your content then you are simply wasting your time and resources.


Here are the top three reasons why your target audience is not reading your content.

1) You Don't Know Your Audience

Are you posting what you want or what your audience wants? Answer that truthfully. With the huge amounts of information now available on the Internet, your customers are able to discover content that speaks directly to them. So in order to not only get, but to retain, their attention – you need to be aware of exactly who your target audience are and what they desire most. When you focus your content on a specific audience, you’re able to make deeper connections and build trust.


A great way to do this is through creating personas for your target audience. This includes their age, gender, interests and even pain points. By knowing the real-life struggles your audience is facing, you are able to adjust and refine your content strategy to truly fit their needs. This will result in the generation of higher quality content and therefore an audience that is more inclined to listen to what you have to say.

2) You're Selling Too Hard

It is unfortunately a universal truth that nobody really cares about your company. Or at least nobody is as excited about it as you. They’re too busy trying to solve their own problems. Too much modern day copy is stuffed full with self promotional content – making it very clear that the focus is not to provide value to the customer, but to drive sales. This provides little to no value to your audience, and therefore they have no need to finish reading your copy. Today’s consumers don’t like being sold to. The Internet has given them ample freedom and convenience to look for what they want without any kind of help from sales personnel. People read content to gain insight or to be entertained. And by utilising your content to provide this – you can cater to your buyer’s unique needs and prove your value.


Unless you can offer credibility and helpfulness, a buyer will not go to you. So, if you simply put on a persona to get more sales you are not going to succeed.

3) Your Content Isn't Optimised

After publishing your content, promoting it is just one side of the coin. To truly bring attention to what you produce, you need your audience to be able to find what you’re creating on their own too. This means it needs to be effectively optimised. Each piece of content you write should comply with and compliment your larger SEO strategy.


One key aspect of SEO is the use of keywords, which should be factored into every piece of content you create. These should be the terms that your target audience are actively searching for online. By ensuring these key terms are prominent throughout your writing, you can increase your chances of them finding you through search results. Not only does this increase views, but it also means you are utilising your content to target an audience that has an active interest in the topics you are writing about.

In Conclusion

In today’s digital age, you can’t afford to create content that is easily ignored because of these common mistakes. However, it takes time to craft content that your audience will want to not only read but also engage with.


Keep these tips in mind the next time you create content to help keep your consumers happy.


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